Individual Development

I guide individuals in creating a vision of their “next chapter” and work with them to formulate a plan to get there.   I help my clients identify and leverage strengths while uncovering blind-spots and behaviors that may be getting in the way of any changes they want to make.   

Coaching Service to Support: 

  • Prep for Leadership Roles 
  • Workforce Re-entry 
  • Professional “Pivots”
  • Early Retirement/Transitions

Prep for

Leadership Roles

Perhaps you are seeking leadership development beyond what your organization offers or are seeking a more tailored program that may prepare you for other opportunities.

Workforce Re-entry

Maybe you have taken time off to care for children or an ill family member or some other reason.  I find that people often assume they have to “start over”.   We will work with you to craft a career vision, and then create a plan for re-entry that leverages your previous work experience and other strengths. 

Professional Pivot

Many of us choose our careers before we are 20 when we declare a major in college. We learn and evolve and sometimes our chosen career path no longer aligns with what we truly want. 

Extensive research shows that we are more likely to excel at something if we are passionate about it and it aligns with our values. We work with you to help find what you are passionate about and how you might make a professional pivot.

Early Retirement/Transitions

If you have retired or transitioned from your organization, but still want to work in some capacity, we will help you explore what you find meaningful and create a plan to pursue a new chapter.  

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