Individual Development Programs  

Individuals often respond to situations using habits of thought that were created by events or situations that happened in the past; we work with participants to identify these habits of thought so they can intervene to make the changes they desire.  

We tailor this one-on-one coaching to the specific needs of the leader and sometimes to a particular change or situation. 

Our Coaching


Our coaching programs help leaders: 

  • Become aware of how they intend to show up versus how they show up
  • Identify key strengths that can be leveraged
  • Understand habits of thought that may be driving unwanted behaviors 
  • Challenge, practice, and master new behaviors 

Team Development Series

At the core of our team development series is a focus on “interactions” to improve relationships.  Common remedies to improve team effectiveness often ignore what makes teams complex – the myriad of different relationships that really impact the collective effectiveness of the team.  

A team of 12 individuals means there are 66 different relationships within that team. This does not include the number of relationships outside the team that need to be effective to achieve results.  

Our Goal

This development occurs in the team’s normal formats for assembling.  Our goal is to help team members understand:  

  • How am I showing up at work?
  • How can I interact in more positive ways? 
  • How can I bring more positive energy to my team?
  • How can I influence my teams to collaborate with other teams? 

Our development series combines team learning sessions with one-on-one coaching. By doing some of the learning in team settings, and supplementing it with individual coaching, we can leverage proven behavioral change tools and approaches typically reserved for executive coaching arrangements at a price point that makes it more affordable and scalable throughout the organization. More individuals can benefit from behavioral change tools and approaches used in executive coaching arrangements.


We work with all team structures (e.g. functional teams, project teams, intact teams and newly formed teams).

Other areas of focus in our team development series include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Decision Making
  • Change Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Talent System Transformation and Alignment

We work with talent management and development teams to co-create future models that  support current and future strategic objectives and drive human, team and organizational performance. We equip talent teams with recent research on human behavior to help inform future design and tools and lead an inclusive stakeholder-centered design approach.  

Culture Change Through Me, We and Our 

Organizational change requires individuals to make changes, which is an often-overlooked component in organizational culture initiatives.  In our culture change model – everyone owns change. After all, how we all choose to interact impacts how positive or negative our work environment is. We help uncover individual and collective thought patterns that impact our ability to create effective relationships, and achieve our strategic objectives.

We spend the bulk of our time and energy in creating a positive work environment to support our future. 

Our Approach

Just like the path to individual change is not linear, nor is the path to culture change.  We will hit potholes and detours along the way; we will learn from our setbacks and persevere to evolve our future culture. As such we will need more flexibility than a static project plan can provide. In our approach

  • Our process is inclusive: we co-design with employees and involve many stakeholders. 
  • We believe and promote that everyone is responsible for culture.
  • We create milestones for our journey, but leave the “how” quite flexible. 
  • We respect the culture we came from and turn our focus to creating the future. 

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