Culture Change Through Me, We and Our 

Organizational change requires individuals to make changes, which is an often-overlooked component in organizational culture initiatives.  In our culture change model – everyone owns change. After all, how we all choose to interact impacts how positive or negative our work environment is. We help uncover individual and collective thought patterns that impact our ability to create effective relationships, and achieve our strategic objectives.

We spend the bulk of our time and energy in creating a positive work environment to support our future. 

Our Approach

Just like the path to individual change is not linear, nor is the path to culture change.  We will hit potholes and detours along the way; we will learn from our setbacks and persevere to evolve our future culture. As such we will need more flexibility than a static project plan can provide. In our approach

  • Our process is inclusive: we co-design with employees and involve many stakeholders. 
  • We believe and promote that everyone is responsible for culture.
  • We create milestones for our journey, but leave the “how” quite flexible. 
  • We respect the culture we came from and turn our focus to creating the future. 

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